Letters to the Editor

9/13 Letters: A shameless attack on political morals and ethics by spineless Republicans

A shameless attack

On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States was the victim of a shameless attack initiated by a group of spineless terrorists.

On Sept. 11, 2019, the state of North Carolina was the victim of a shameless attack on political morals and ethics by a group of spineless Republicans in the state legislature.

No matter where I am, I will always remember 9/11. When I am in a voting place, I will always remember Sept. 11, 2019.

Michael Graybeal, Cary

Fault lies with Dems

The taxpayers in North Carolina pay our legislators to attend sessions. So why are the Democrats upset that a vote was called when they weren’t there?

Carol Garbutt, Durham

Democracy thwarted

Wednesday was the 18th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 people died on that day; many more have died since due to the attacks.

Countless civilians in foreign countries have been killed in wars since 9/11.

And this is the day the Republican legislators in North Carolina chose to override the governor’s veto, mostly because Gov. Roy Cooper insisted on expanding Medicaid in our state.

Is this what those 3,000 people died for? Shame.

Laurie McDowell, Raleigh

Dems play hardball

The budget override vote did not violate the N.C. House rules. It was legal.

The NC Lottery vote of 2005 was a Democrat-control ditto of the same kind of action that Speaker Tim Moore carried out Wednesday.

We voters are sick of the pot calling the kettle black. Both parties play hardball.

The basic requirements for a lawmaker are decorum, dignity and appropriate demeanor. Rep. Deb Butler failed in all three areas. She should have been removed from the House chamber, not asked to leave it.

Barbara Richie Pond, Raeford

Planned duplicity

When a political party employs, and must rely upon, premeditated duplicity and treachery in order to advance its agenda, it accelerates its descent into the dustbin of history.

With this latest outrage I personally intend to rededicate myself to doing everything in my power to help them get there.

Fred Gunther, Raleigh

Making TN look good

Wow. And I thought our Tennessee politicians were gutless and shameful. But just when it seems as though they couldn’t get more despicable, the North Carolina Republican Party finds ever new ways to top itself. Unbelievable!

Jonathan Wright, Seymour, Tenn.

What Bishop must do

The election results in the 9th and 3rd Districts were less than favorable for half the constituents of both districts.

It should be noted that Dan McCready lost to Dan Bishop in the 9th by the narrowest of margins. Although Bishop won the election, he must accept the fact that he has to fairly represent the half of his constituents who didn’t vote for him.

Although President Trump does not represent the half of the country that did not vote for him, if the United States is a true democracy he and Bishop should represent all of the country.

Lee Shreve, Newport

What about guns?

Regarding “Trump plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes,” (Sept. 11):

So when six young people die due to vaping, this government is swift to propose banning e-cigarettes. Thousands have died at the wrong end of assault weapons, but heaven (and the NRA) forbid the politicians should even consider doing anything about that.

Clearly, the e-cigarette lobby hasn’t contributed enough to either party.

Lisbeth Brittain Carter, Raleigh

An AR-15 to hunt?

Regarding “Armed to resist,” (Sept. 10 Forum):

I read a gentleman’s letter in which he stated that Congress should not ban AR-15s because the common people could defend themselves against the government and protect themselves against marauders. Oh, and for hunting.

I come from a hunting family and we are all wondering what is the gentleman hunting — T. rex?

Kathleen Kalinowski, Cary

Hillsborough rally

Thank you for Michael Schwalbe’s op-ed “Hillsborough upholds free speech as the KKK rallies” (Sept. 9 Opinion).

While most of us find the KKK presence revolting, we must understand that as Americans the hoodies have a right to express their opinions, just as the rest of us do.

What many of our citizens do not understand and appreciate is that we are still a very young nation and growing pains are always challenging.

Freedom of speech and an objective media are crucial to reaching our potential.

Mike Collins, Raleigh