Letters to the Editor

10/27 Letters: GOP would cut taxes on businesses but not expand Medicaid? That’s sad.

Medicaid expansion

I want to commend Gov. Roy Cooper for holding out for Medicaid expansion.

While Republican legislators refuse to allow this benefit to the neediest in our communities, they have plans to reduce the franchise tax and refund most of the state’s $900 million surplus to N.C. taxpayers.

The refund for each family wouldn’t begin to address the issues Medicaid could cover. And as for providing more job opportunities by eliminating the franchise tax, we already have a 3.5 percent unemployment rate and agriculture and construction businesses say they need many more employees than they can find.

We can afford to eliminate taxes on businesses and give back the budget surplus, but not to help those who need Medicaid? That is sad.

Evelyn Barrett, Cary

Infant mortality

Kudos to all responsible for “NC infant mortality rate hits record low, racial gaps persist,” (Oct 23):

A collaborative team effort has made this good news possible - doctors, nurses, local health department staffs, state and local governments.

Former Gov. Jim Martin created the Commission on Infant Mortality and the funding came from a number of corporations, with GlaxoSmithKline playing the lead role.

Leslie Bevaqua Coman, Nancy Temple, and I provided the early staff work through our positions with Gov. Martin and GlaxoSmithKline.

We cannot relax. The battle is not won. There is still a dramatic difference between deaths of white babies vs black babies. For black babies the rate is more than double One preventable death is too many!

Phil Kirk, Raleigh

Sexual assaults

Regarding “Sexual assault,” (Oct. 25 Forum):

My mouth is still hanging open after reading advice for women to avoid sexual assault offered by a local physician.

Stay in after midnight? When did women become Cinderella pumpkins? Maybe we should consider chastity belts as well.

Instead, how about suggesting things that men can do to avoid assaults on women, such as maintaining self-control and respect for women?

Let’s also remember that men can be sexual assault victims as well.

Barbara Goldstein, Durham

Gun deaths

I just read a CDC report that there are now a total of 34 deaths nationwide due to vaping-related use.

Congress is now preparing legislation to put restrictions on the vaping industry. Interesting.

Thirty-four deaths are about the same number killed by gunfire in the United States in 12 hours — with no new legislation ever likely to pass Congress, much less be signed by the president.

Guess we can figure out who owns our representatives in Washington.

Barton Holtz, Pittsboro

Protect Trump

The choreographed assault on President Trump continues.

Trump is a direct person, impatient with protocol and diplomacy.

I love this man. I absolutely trust him more that I trust anyone in D.C. He is America’s champion.

His singular achievements in the face of unrelenting attack is miraculous.

He is a treasure, a gift the likes of which may appear only once in a century. He must be defended!

Thomas Snell, Winston-Salem

Stop Trump

It is clearer than ever that a segment of the Republican Party is determined to help Donald Trump subvert the American system of laws and government.

I urge U.S. Rep. David Price and Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to not allow this to happen.

Impeach, remove, and prosecute Trump. Push back against his defenders like Attorney General William Barr and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Forbid the U.S. House representatives who stormed the secured spaces Thursday from ever being granted security clearance.

Disbar Trump’s attorney who had the audacity to suggest a sitting president couldn’t be investigated while in office.

That these actions need to be taken is insanity. That we, the constituents, must demand our elected officials take these actions is nothing short of tragic and shameful.

Burr, Price and Tillis must do their duty, protect America, and stop Trump.

Robert Aldrich, Raleigh

Graham and the GOP

It seems that the Republicans, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham, seek to amend the Constitution just because it is inconvenient to their designs.

If President Obama had done one-tenth of the mischief in his entire two terms that our current president has done, the ostrich senators would be apoplectic with rage. Instead, they continue to kowtow and cower in fear of 140-character assassination.

Perhaps they will finally understand what this man has accomplished, which is to completely denigrate the standing of the United States in the world, and open the door for intervention by the real scum.

The actions taken could not have played better into Russian hands had Putin orchestrated it himself. Swindlers call this a “shuffle” - Look at me, not what the other player is doing.

Carl Halbach, Raleigh