Letters to the Editor

Ann Lawrence: There’s the door

In response to the June 7 letter “Don’t promote ‘undocumented’ immigration”: I, too, have expressed concern over how too many times The N&O has covered the plight of the poor undocumented illegals. As everyone knows, this country is made up of immigrants. But back in the early 1900s, people from Europe passed through Ellis Island and were examined for any issues that would exempt them from being admitted to the country. Those who bully their way across the Southern borders are not examined by anyone and bring all their “undocumented diseases” with them.

The N&O should focus on the people trying to come here legally to see what it is they endure before being allowed to cross the borders. The U.S. government needs to find some backbone and stand up to the illegals who have too much power by “demanding” they be “given” legal status in a country where they shouldn’t be allowed anything other being shown the door to their homeland and finding the “right” way to come to the U.S.

I as an American citizen don’t owe them anything.

Ann Lawrence