Letters to the Editor

Kate Clarkson: HB2 about punishment

Regarding the April 20 letter “Non-LGBT have rights also”: Sorry, but the letter-writer’s eyes don’t get to determine who people are, and, no, she doesn’t have a right to discriminate. Her safety was not compromised before House Bill 2.

Rapists have always been able to disguise themselves and go into women’s restrooms. I have never heard of a rapist going to the trouble to dress like a woman first. I have never heard of a transgender woman raping another woman; neither has she.

Now that we have HB2, a predatory man in a suit and tie, with a beard, can walk into a women’s restroom pretending to be transgender, pretending to be required by HB2 to use the women’s room. All of this is nothing but a red herring.

Rape has been illegal for some time, and anyone who isn’t stopped by existing laws won’t be stopped by HB2. This is about punishing people the writer doesn’t like. Her privacy was not compromised before HB2, either.

I have never once run across a women’s bathroom that did not have stalls with doors on them. Transgender women have been using the restrooom alongside us all your life. How have we been harmed by that?

Kate Clarkson

Wake Forest