Letters to the Editor

Matt Arsenault: Quit playing around with water quality

Regarding the June 2 news article “State Senate eyes mussels for cleaning Jordan, Falls lakes”: Freshwater mussels are amazing animals, but state senators must have forgotten an important lesson from biology class when they proposed using them to clean up Jordan Lake.

Mussels are considered an indicator species, which means they’re especially sensitive to changes in water quality. Though there’s evidence they can help keep water clean, they don’t fare well in dirty water. Because of this, they are some of the most endangered animals in North America.

If the Senate really cared about water quality, the only discussion about freshwater mussels would be centered on what we can do to improve their natural habitat.

If they really cared, the Jordan Lake Rules would have been enforced immediately, and we wouldn’t even know what a SolarBee is. Instead, they’ve decided to put off implementing the Jordan Lake Rules once again and are even seeking to do away with the important natural buffers that protect our rivers.

Rather than misusing the budget to weaken water quality laws and avoid public discussion, the Senate should be making honest efforts to improve North Carolina’s water quality.

Matt Arsenault