Don’t derail North Carolina’s clean energy boom

Ken Locklin: North Carolina is one of six states where “third-party” sales of energy is illegal. This prohibition is a vestige of a time when competition in the electric sector would have meant multiple companies stringing up wires down the same street. Technology is changing, and so should the law.


When college coaches see women as recruiting tools

Kavitha Davidson: In yet another sign that college sports recruiting has gotten out of hand, University of Michigan tight-ends coach Jay Harbaugh sent a hand-written note to a four-star prospect’s girlfriend. Pick your adjective: inappropriate; unprofessional; desperate; creepy. Unfortunately, it’s also par for the course.


Plane crash shows changing debate on security v. privacy

Froma Harrop: The pilot who crashed the Germanwings plane, taking 150 lives, was too ill to work, according to doctors’ notes found at his home. But Germany’s strict medical privacy laws barred the doctors from conveying that judgment to the airline. A horrific event that could have been averted with a sharing of information happened because of laws designed to protect privacy. As typically occurs in such cases, the same public that supported such laws turns around and asks, why didn’t the authorities know?


Convince, don’t coerce the religious on gay rights

David Brooks: Indiana has passed a state law like a 1993 federal act and sparked an incredible firestorm. The opponents seem to be saying there is no valid tension between religious pluralism and equality. Claims of religious liberty are covers for anti-gay bigotry. But if there is no attempt to balance religious liberty and civil rights, the cause of gay rights will be associated with coercion, not liberation.

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NCSU chancellor Woodson on Hofmann Forest, endowment, UNC system presidency

NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson met with editorial and newsroom folk this week to talk about wide-ranging topics, including the new Hofmann Forest plan, the school’s endowment nearing $1 billion and the difficulty of retaining faculty when there’s been virtually no pay raise in six years. He also talked about rumors that he is being mentioned as a possible candidate for UNC system president.

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