When children struggle to see, they can’t learn

Pamela F. Gallin: A child with poor vision may complain of headaches, or may seem tired or irritable at the end of the day. Decreased vision is a silent condition; if parents don’t specifically ask whether their children can see the board at school, or read the fine print on a box, problems will go undiagnosed.


Charter school negatives adding up for NC

Bryan Proffitt: Charters have strayed far from the intent of the original legislation that they function as “lab” type schools focused on finding better ways to educate struggling students and to share those practices with traditional public schools.


Robinson: Chasing miracles in Iraq

Eugene Robinson: We should debate how best to contain and minimize the threat from ISIS in Iraq. Further escalating the US military role will almost surely lead to a quagmire that makes us no more secure. If the choice is go big or go home, we should pick the latter.


Coddling college students is chilling to free speech

Kathleen Parker: A trigger warning is usually conveyed on a sign carried or posted near the auditorium where a speech is to be given, alerting students to the possibility that the speaker may express an idea that could trigger an emotional response. A discussion about campus rape statistics, for example, might cause a rape victim to suffer.


Trade pact just a harmful NAFTA on steroids

Eric Henry: As Congress gears up to debate whether to grant “fast track” authority to move the massive new Trans-Pacific Partnership forward, it is crucial that lawmakers learn from the mistakes of the past and reject this dangerous deal.

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J. Peder Zane

The low-tax, needed-spending dance

J. Peder Zane: Republicans crow about the “Carolina Comeback.” They have accomplished much – cutting many taxes, paying off billions in debt, raising teacher pay and generating a budget surplus. Republicans, however, have been unable to revive the most important economic indicator: money in our wallets

Ned Barnett

N.C. forgoes a tax windfall

North Carolina cut taxes just as the wealthy were seeing big capital gains and corporations were increasing profits. As a result, the state is giving up millions in extra tax revenue.

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