Silent Sam and the messages in our monuments

Joseph M. Flora: Toppling Silent Sam or the Confederate monuments throughout the South would not be a step forward – those monuments, all of similar birthing, are part of Southern history and should be read in all their complexity. But Sam is in need of company – another impressive statue or monument to tell the story of the first entry of African-Americans into the student body


Will: Clarence Thomas standing against the administrative state

Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas is urging the judicial branch to limit the legislative branch’s practice of delegating its power to the executive branch

President Woodrow Wilson regretted the separation of powers because he thought modern government required a clerisy of unfettered administrators

Executive branch overreach of power came because of the underreach of the legislative branch


At UNC, abdicating the obligations of leadership in scandal

When we spend millions on the nation’s most expensive lawyers and corporate consultants, we deploy funds that could have supported impoverished Carolina Covenant students, or increased skimpy graduate student stipends, or raised the salaries of maintenance workers

So enough with the “it’s only private money” charade

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J. Peder Zane

Zane: As faux liberals betray freedom in our vibrant democracy

The racially charged unrest that has erupted on college campuses, most recently at the University of Missouri, and similar instances at other schools and communities across the country are both hopeful and disturbing

They reflect the flowering of freedom and powerful efforts to suppress it

Leftists see robust debate that questions their methods and aims as a threat, which is why every Marxist government has turned to thuggery and repression

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