NC lawmakers must reject Solarbee experiment for Falls Lake

The General Assembly should proceed with a proven scientific solution to protect our water reservoir rather than waste taxpayer money on an experimental method. Leading scientists in the area know what must be done to clean up Falls Lake, and the SolarBee experiment is definitely not the answer.


No excuse not to approve nonpartisan redistricting panel for NC

Larry King: The bill to set up a nonpartisan redistricting process for North Carolina has the bipartisan support of 63 cosponsors, so it would easily pass the 120-seat House. It is identical to the bill introduced last year with 61 cosponsors. And it is identical to the bill that passed the House in 2011 with a vote of 88 to 27, led by then-Speaker Thom Tillis.

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Kathleen Kelly: Shoe’s on other foot

Regarding the Charlotte Observer editorial “A liberal uprising headed to N.C.?” you reprinted April 17: Thanks for my laugh of the day! The proverbial shoe may now be on the other foot! For conservatives, how is it perfectly acceptable to foist on everyone the agenda of ultra-conservatives like the billionaire Koch brothers, who have manipulated politics to suit their ideology, but it is unacceptable for liberal billionaires to do the same? What a joke!

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Jim Jenkins

The perils for ‘Independent Pat’

Gov. Pat McCrory’s displays of independence and defying the inclinations of his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly prompt us to wonder what’s to come, and what the consequences might be for the governor.

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