That ‘more realistic’ sea-level report? Not good news for NC

Robert Young: There seems to be a grand misimpression that a new sea-level rise report released by the Science Panel of the Coastal Resources Commission is different from a report released in 2010. They’re essentially the same. The main difference is that the Science Panel first was asked to look 90 years down the road. The new report looks 30 years down the road.


Blame social eruptions on rich, poor, right, wrong – not race

William Massey: The societal eruptions increasingly taking place around our country are not being born of a black-white divide and haven’t been for quite some time. The emotional rage that continues to swell and the destructive outbursts that continue to plague us as a result are the offspring of rich-poor, have-have not, good-bad and right-wrong conflicts.


Apple investment in NC shows allure of land

Camilla M. Herlevich and Dan Ryan: We hope the spotlight Apple placed on Brunswick County’s world-class natural resources will be seen all the way to Raleigh, as the General Assembly debates its support of our state’s conservation programs.

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