Prosecuting children who are delinquent by reason of poverty

Tamar Birckhead: My own research has confirmed that the assumption that court involvement is the best way for poor children and their families to access needed services merely perpetuates a cycle of disadvantage, creating a permanent underclass and contributing to mass incarceration.


US can resettle world’s vulnerable refugees and preserve security

Holly Sienkiewicz: Over 4 million Syrians are awaiting safe options that address their displacement. As a nation of immigrants, the U.S. has a history of accepting and welcoming those fleeing persecution. We can resettle the world’s most vulnerable populations while preserving the security of U.S. citizens.


What Woodrow Wilson cost my grandfather and other black Americans

President Woodrow Wilson was an avowed racist

Unlike many of his predecessors and successors in the White House, he put that racism into action through public policy

Most notably, his administration oversaw the segregation of the federal government, destroying the careers of thousands of talented and accomplished black civil servants – including John Abraham Davis, my paternal grandfather

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J. Peder Zane

Zane: As faux liberals betray freedom in our vibrant democracy

The racially charged unrest that has erupted on college campuses, most recently at the University of Missouri, and similar instances at other schools and communities across the country are both hopeful and disturbing

They reflect the flowering of freedom and powerful efforts to suppress it

Leftists see robust debate that questions their methods and aims as a threat, which is why every Marxist government has turned to thuggery and repression

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