Taking up state slack on helping smokers

Pam Seamans: More than 50 of North Carolina’s leading patient groups, health care systems and nonprofits will launch “Race to Quit, NC” – a campaign dedicated to connecting tobacco users with the help they need to cross the finish line to a smoke-free life.


One Durham gun owner’s 2-point proposal

Daniel Hudspeth: Weapons capable of using magazines that contain 10 or more rounds should be classified as “Class 3 weapons.” All states should close the legal loopholes that allow guns to be purchased at gun shows without background checks.


Treating guns as a public health problem

What we need to combat gun violence is an evidence-based public health approach – the same model we use to reduce deaths from other potentially dangerous things around us, from swimming pools to cigarettes

We’re not going to eliminate guns in America, so we need to figure out how to coexist with them

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