Trump is the poison his party concocted

Timothy Egan: Donald Trump is a byproduct of all the toxic elements Republicans have thrown into their brew over the last decade or so – from birtherism to race-based hatred of immigrants, from nihilists who shut down government to elected officials who shout “You lie!” at their commander in chief.


A vivid picture of need for driver’s ed in NC

Kevin Huang: While some people may assume that driver’s ed would be tedious, I was surprised by how effective it was. A documentary that depicted drunken driving and texting while driving graphically illustrated how one decision can destroy a person’s future.


Sandra Bland and our vulnerable black bodies

Because Sandra Bland was driving while black, because she was not subservient in the manner this trooper preferred, a routine traffic stop became a death sentence

Law enforcement officers see only the color of my skin, and in the color of my skin they see criminality, deviance, a lack of humanity

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