Airbnb makes right move on taxes

Airbnb makes a sensible move to collect and remit sales taxes in North Carolina. Fighting such basic commercial standards would likely be futile and by taking a cooperative stance the company will be in a better position to shape any additional requirements.


The withering of the death penalty in the US

George Will: The conservative case against capital punishment: The power to inflict death cloaks government with a pretense of infallibility discordant with conservatism. When capital punishment is inflicted, it cannot later be corrected. Administration of death sentences is so sporadic and protracted that their power to deter is attenuated.


Brown, McCollum still awaiting real justice

Eight months ago, a Robeson County judge reviewed the evidence and ordered the two men released. But because of their rape convictions, they were ordered to register as sex offenders . Their convictions are still on their records and a serious impediment to finding work.

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J. Peder Zane

The low-tax, needed-spending dance

J. Peder Zane: Republicans crow about the “Carolina Comeback.” They have accomplished much – cutting many taxes, paying off billions in debt, raising teacher pay and generating a budget surplus. Republicans, however, have been unable to revive the most important economic indicator: money in our wallets

Ned Barnett

N.C. forgoes a tax windfall

North Carolina cut taxes just as the wealthy were seeing big capital gains and corporations were increasing profits. As a result, the state is giving up millions in extra tax revenue.

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