Belk Foundation helps students finish

The John M. Belk Foundation, based in Charlotte, has had as a long-term mission helping students, particularly those such as veterans and minorities, finish their higher educations. Many of those who have been helped had their educations interrupted for different reasons.


Chilling hunger

It should be a story that tears at the hearts of all parents, including most especially those who could anticipate the canceling of school in many parts of North Carolina with a trip to the grocery store. There, they loaded up with provisions both nutritious and fun, figuring their kids would be playing with vigor in the snow and working up big appetites.


A soft fall for Petraeus

The former general and CIA chief gets a favorable plea deal for mishandling classified documents and lying to investigators. Others have faced stiff penalties for similar offenses.


When it comes to jobs, fed up with the Fed

Kevin Rogers: When the monthly jobs numbers come out Friday, many economists will say that the economy is healthy. Some will even say that wages are rising too fast and that steps need to be taken to slow economic growth. But out in the real world, working families and particularly communities of color are being left drastically behind in the recovery.


To create more jobs, lower corporate tax rate

Bob Luddy: America’s corporate tax code is tough on corporations – and the nation’s workers. America’s high corporate tax rate leads many companies to invest their money elsewhere. When that happens, job opportunities, real wages and economic growth in our country decline – disproportionately hurting the middle class.


In NC, a Republican lawmaker finds room to rethink

Chris Fitzsimon: Rep. Bob Steinburg used to be against business incentives, but he knows better now because he has been meeting with constituents, hearing from his community leaders and local businesses and people looking for jobs. Their struggles are more important to him than an economic treatise by a right-wing scholar in a Raleigh think tank. Think of how much better off we’d all be if Steinburg’s reasoning for rethinking his view of incentives was expanded to other issues facing the General Assembly.

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