On education, NC deserves more from lawmakers

Rodney Ellis: The House passed a budget that does not go far enough to ensure every child will get a quality education in North Carolina. With the news that the Senate will be even more tight-fisted with money for education, we should all be very concerned about the future of our public schools and our students.


The managed Medicaid that’s working just fine in NC

Rob Robinson: Conventional wisdom says that managed-care companies achieve cost savings by limiting access to care to people who need it. However, as the leader of the 400 employees of Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, I know there is another route to cost savings and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.


Why Bernie Sanders matters to Democrats

Doyle McManus: Until now most of the media coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign has focused on secret emails, entanglements with uranium moguls and outlandish speaking fees. If Sanders forces a robust debate on issues such as health care, taxes and trade, the media will have to pay attention to that instead.


Krauthammer: Obamacare, e-records and dispirited doctors

Charles Krauthammer: One study found that emergency-room doctors spend 43 percent of their time entering electronic records information, 28 percent with patients. Another study found that family-practice physicians spend on average 48 minutes a day just entering clinical data. The geniuses who rammed this through undoubtedly thought they were rationalizing health care.

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Ned Barnett

Grounding the American dream

The Wright brothers and Harry Truman, both subject of books by David McCullough, exemplify an America of opportunity for the average person. That America is giving way to one dominated by the very rich while the middle class and working poor struggle to get ahead.

J. Peder Zane

The low-tax, needed-spending dance

J. Peder Zane: Republicans crow about the “Carolina Comeback.” They have accomplished much – cutting many taxes, paying off billions in debt, raising teacher pay and generating a budget surplus. Republicans, however, have been unable to revive the most important economic indicator: money in our wallets

Ned Barnett

N.C. forgoes a tax windfall

North Carolina cut taxes just as the wealthy were seeing big capital gains and corporations were increasing profits. As a result, the state is giving up millions in extra tax revenue.

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