Grapes of Wrath 2016: Who will help displaced workers?

What do we tell these “Okies” of today? Do either the Democrats or the Republicans in 2016 offer our contemporary Joads a future? In the midst of all the bickering, the negative campaigning, the lifted speech of the Republican convention and the leaked emails of the Democratic convention, the plight of the Joads appears lost.


Millennials aren’t buying homes, and that’s good

For millennials, a mass lifestyle shift away from owning and toward either renting or crashing with relatives could be especially advantageous. That’s because buying a house not only locks up your savings; it also locks you, the owner, into a specific geographic location. We want young workers to be mobile and to have as few frictions for job-hopping as possible.


Keep RDU ‘green’

Raleigh-Durham Airport officials need to listen to members of the public concerned about RDU’s long term plan and its impact on forests and trails.


The chairman and the NC teacher

The state Senate Finance Committee chairman says teachers are doing well under Republican tax and spending policies, but one teacher says she’s still spending her own money to provide basic classroom resources.


Suspensions harm students with no helpful effect on school safety

If past trends hold, far too many students will spend significant amounts of time out of their classrooms. Based on in-school misbehavior, North Carolina’s students will be suspended as well as sent to the juvenile or criminal legal systems. Rather than sitting in desks, they will be idling at home, or – worse yet – spending time in courts, juvenile detention or adult jails.


How texting, speeding, cheap gas are killing more of us

The National Safety Council says that traffic fatalities have risen dramatically for the second consecutive year – an estimated 9 percent more over just the first six months this year. It seems almost quaint these days to think the government would do anything to change that, unless there’s another oil embargo.

Letters to the Editor

Joyce Rothchild: Absentee maneuver

If Dallas Woodhouse feels that shutting down early voting places is making Sunday sacrosanct for poll workers, I would urge all church leaders and houses of worship to advise their congregants to use absentee ballots and vote by mail. The pastors and clergy can witness and vouch for voters signatures at their churches. This would also alleviate some of the problems concerning voter ID, should that ugly dragon raise its had again (and it will).

Letters to the Editor

Robert Mulder: A totalitarian state

Regarding the Aug. 18 news article “ ‘Party line changes’ urged to limit early voting hours”: That memo by N.C. GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse urging support for local elections boards to restrict access to early voting is very telling.

Letters to the Editor

Valorie Jones: Voting a sacred right

In the Aug. 23 letter “Woodhouse memo to county elections boards understandable communication,” communications director of the NCGOP, Kami Mueller, wrote, “NC GOP director Dallas Woodhouse, with transparency and full legal authority, asked local Boards of Election to consider our point of view, including opposition to Sunday voting and support for changes to early voting that ... would best serve the public, candidates and the election staff.” Best serve the public? Who does she think she is kidding?

Letters to the Editor

David Cox: Misrepresenting process

Regarding the Aug. 23 letter “Woodhouse memo an understandable GOP communication”: Kami Mueller’s contention that “Democrats support letting people register and vote on the same day with no verification of eligibility” misrepresents the process. The truth is, same-day registration requires the same identification and verification as normal registration.

Letters to the Editor

S.M. Guerrant: State guinea pigs

In regards to “Water safety fight escalates,” I suggest the state provide Dr. Randall Williams, Tom Reeder and their families a two-year supply of coal ash well water for their households and personal use as a screening (must replicate the study more than one year). Blood chromium levels can be taken at the onset and at the conclusion of the study. If no changes occur, then proceed with labeling the water safe for public consumption.








UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions

UNC students talk about their perception of the impact of the politics of their professors and instructors.
Aolani Donegan and Pressley Baird newsobserver.com
UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions 7:12

UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions

An appeal for students with special needs 1:49

An appeal for students with special needs

Congress approves limiting refugees admitted to the U.S. 3:57

Congress approves limiting refugees admitted to the U.S.

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back' 1:42

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back'