NC must invest in teachers before it’s too late

As a high school senior planning to join the ranks of my favorite educators, I am working hard to find the college that will best prepare me to be the greatest teacher I can be – at an affordable price. Fortunately, I believe I have found the perfect school where I will be mentored and taught how to effectively run a classroom, but there is one problem: the price tag.


North Carolina’s ag-gag law an affront to human decency

In 1986, while investigating Lancaster Stockyards in Pennsylvania, I found a living sheep collapsed among the carcasses of the stockyard’s “dead pile.” She was a “downer,” an animal too sick or weak to stand, and she had been left there to die. She was the first animal rescued by Farm Sanctuary, then a fledgling advocacy organization. We named her Hilda, and we shared her story, illustrated by a photograph of her lying on that dead pile.


Marching again over North Carolina’s failure to expand Medicaid

Two years after the start of the Affordable Care Act and three years after the N.C. General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory blocked federally funded expansion of Medicaid to cover the working poor, it’s time to remind our legislators of the effects of their decision: the avoidable costs, the unnecessary deaths, the intolerable cruelty.


Sanders and Trump: America’s men of magic

Sanders promised the moon: college education, free; universal health care, free; world peace, also free because we won’t be “the policeman of the world” (mythical Sunni armies will presumably be doing that for us)

If we just leave it to Trump, jobs will flow back in a rush from China, from Japan, from Mexico, from everywhere, and Obamacare will be replaced by “something terrific”

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J. Peder Zane

Zane: Morality, clarity, truth: The world through William Barber’s eyes

William Barber’s book, “The Third Revolution,” provides a compelling account of the cultural, spiritual and intellectual experiences that have shaped him

It is to Barber’s great credit that even though he “learned firsthand to fear white anger and the violence of white mobs,” he was able to transcend these experiences and see the quest for freedom in wider terms

Unfortunately, Barber sees only one side of any issue – his own, which he protects from any scrutiny by proclaiming it to be the only moral stance

J. Peder Zane

Zane: How Republicans have righted North Carolina’s fiscal ship

GOP tax cuts did not drain North Carolina coffers – they helped replenish them

It’s the same as how the falsely derided Reagan tax cuts actually increased revenues and sparked a two-decade long rise in median incomes

These are the stubborn facts that belie the incessant propaganda of those who insistently pretend that supply-side economics is a fantasy

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