Football’s high toll on high schoolers

East Chapel Hill has never been a football school, but first-year coach Mike Holderman, like his players, probably felt some measure of success was in reach when he arrived there last summer. But after Holderman’s 2014 team went 0-11, it was announced in June that Holderman, like his predecessor, would be leaving after just one year.


Hair-raising Trump

Really? Donald Trump has someone pull on his hair

After quoting a New York Times story, Trump proves his hair is real

Silly season hits a new high, or low

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J. Peder Zane

TABOR is appealing, but ultimately undemocratic

The intent of TABOR is to limit taxes so that government cannot grow faster than population growth and inflation

It would impose today’s budget priorities on future generations, making it harder for the next Democratic-controlled legislature to reverse the GOP’s recent accomplishments with a single vote

But that is why TABOR is a bad idea – it hamstrings government, limiting its ability to respond to changing circumstances


A taxpayer-friendly way to offer business incentives in NC

In these times of insufficient American jobs and state governments struggling just to keep up traditional services, does private enterprise need incentives?

The Federal Reserve reports historic highs in U.S. corporate profits since 2009, much of it from investment in foreign markets where most profits are kept abroad, away from U.S. taxes

Incentive packages of state money could be specifically directed to improvement of the community in which a company settles

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