Yet another insult to teachers? Having to buy ink for printer, too

I’ve read a lot lately about teacher salaries, government generosity and student achievement. My daughter’s story brings it all to reality. To read that teachers are enjoying tremendous raises, that students are not getting a quality education and that school budgets are being cut even further should make anyone literally shake their head.


Will Putin spring an October surprise?

Russian “dezinformatsiya” campaigns go back to the Cold War. But this type of cyberwar – email hacking and, now, the altering and release of the stolen documents – is a novel escalation.


In America, becoming as polarized as Sunnis and Shiites

It will be a tragedy if center-right Republicans conclude that their only problem is Trump and that, once he’s gone, the GOP will be theirs again. Their party is over. But it will be equally sad if Clinton wastes the opportunity of a potentially substantial victory, achieved with some Republican votes, to rebuild the political center in this country.


Why I stand – or rather choose to sit – with Colin Kaepernick

His courageous stance may cost him his career, a consequence Colin Kaepernick seems ready to accept. We may be a nation founded on diversity, but take a stand against the national rituals of pledging allegiance to the flag and standing for the national anthem, and you will face the wrath of a nation of zealots.

J. Peder Zane

Elon petition example of frightening rise of authoritarian left

Peder Zane: Recently, more than 150 Elon students signed a petition demanding that the school disinvite the woman tapped to deliver the Baird Pulitzer Lecture on Oct. 4. Her writing, they said, is informed by “prejudice and slander” and “is a consistent attack on all of the things Elon has been working toward – ending sexual assault, increasing diversity and creating a safe and encouraging environment for all students regardless of gender, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation.” Who is this enemy of the state? Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post.


Given pay-to-play scandal, Clinton must stop hiding from press

Robin Hayes: It’s been almost nine months since Hillary Clinton last faced the press in an unscripted setting without any preconditions. Any other candidate confronted with a flurry of damning developments into massive conflicts of interest would hold a news conference to address voters – especially a candidate who claims everything is above board and is fighting a perception of dishonesty.


Apple took the Irish tax game too far

When the corporate structures you devise to cut your taxes cross the line from frugality into utter absurdity – and Apple’s “head office” with no employees or premises is pretty absurd – you are asking for trouble.

Letters to the Editor

Lynn Mitchell Kohn: Fracking wastes water

In the Aug. 19 Point of View “How fracking fights terrorism,” Mark Cares said fracking plays an important role in the “global war on terror” by keeping energy prices low, thus depriving groups of much-needed revenue. This claim comes as another argument for fracking, its role in combating climate change, is being discredited.

Letters to the Editor

Linda Sones Feinberg: Yep, N&O bias sure showing

Your article about the FBI recovering Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding Benghazi was labeled with huge attention-getting bold letters. Next to that article in very small print was an item about how Donald Trump lost his latest bid to derail a lawsuit by students accusing Trump of fraud. Please try not to be so obvious about having a Republican bias.

Letters to the Editor

Gretchen Daub Westman: Teachers not ‘better off’

Regarding the Aug. 25 letter “Teachers ahead”: Sen. Bob Rucho touted the fact that teachers can now “opt to claim a state tax deduction for purchasing classroom supplies up to $250.” He stated that the teacher in question came out “thousands of dollars better off” since her salary had increased, even though she spent an extra $27 on taxes for the school supplies she purchased despite the lack of a sales tax holiday weekend.

Letters to the Editor

Randall Rickman: Waiting for facts

The Aug. 27 article “Witness: Roadblock preceded fatal shooting of deaf driver” would be disturbing to just about everyone but is particularly so for a deaf person like me. Regardless of the legal outcome of the trooper’s case, can the Highway Patrol at least acknowledge that the vision of Daniel Harris lying lifeless on a street in his own neighborhood is regrettable?

Letters to the Editor

Robert Idol: Unconvinced dim bulbs

In his Aug. 23 Point of View “The why of Democratic professors,” William Snider says, in essence, move along folks, there’s nothing to see at UNC just because Democratic faculty members happen to outnumber Republicans 12:1. No discrimination against Republican job candidates here!








UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions

UNC students talk about their perception of the impact of the politics of their professors and instructors.
Aolani Donegan and Pressley Baird newsobserver.com
UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions 7:12

UNC students react to Berger's claim that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions

An appeal for students with special needs 1:49

An appeal for students with special needs

Congress approves limiting refugees admitted to the U.S. 3:57

Congress approves limiting refugees admitted to the U.S.

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back' 1:42

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back'