Time for NC to protect residents, not corporations

Over a year after the Dan River disaster, our Department of Environment and Natural Resources and our legislature should require that Duke remove the coal ash from the dangerous, polluting Lee site. But yet another continuous source of pollution looms on the banks and tributaries of the Neuse: industrial hog operations, most of which are controlled by foreign corporate interests. Over 500 of the 2,000 industrial hog factories in North Carolina call the Neuse River Basin home. The 10 million hogs that live in our state produce roughly as much waste as 100 million people.


Chilling hunger

It should be a story that tears at the hearts of all parents, including most especially those who could anticipate the canceling of school in many parts of North Carolina with a trip to the grocery store. There, they loaded up with provisions both nutritious and fun, figuring their kids would be playing with vigor in the snow and working up big appetites.


A soft fall for Petraeus

The former general and CIA chief gets a favorable plea deal for mishandling classified documents and lying to investigators. Others have faced stiff penalties for similar offenses.


Friedman: What Netanyahu didn’t say

Thomas Friedman: Now that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made his case on Iran before Congress, with all the circus atmosphere it involved, let’s get to the serious questions: What is America’s interest in striking a deal with Iran? Because our interests and Israel’s are not fully aligned. What is the minimum we need to satisfy our interests? And how should we balance the critiques of our policy from the serious Bibi versus the cynical Bibi?


The White House’s strange response to Netanyahu

Jennifer Rubin: Obama actually is capitulating entirely after years of saying that negotiations would make clear Iran had to give up its nuclear ambitions. It was his argument that Iran wanted to be included in the family of nations, and later (after he opposed sanctions) his argument was that sanctions had forced Iran to the table. But now he concedes all that was wrong. In his very odd response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, Obama did not dispute he is making these huge concessions and he did not argue they are wise. Instead, he argued Netanyahu said nothing new.

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