The low depths of American higher education

Give thanks for some indirect blessings of liberty, including the behavior-beyond-satire of what are generously called institutions of higher education. People who are imprecisely called educators have taught, by their negative examples, what intelligence is not.


The import of language and President Oh-bummer

President Obama relying on rhetoric instead of tough talk in discussions with French President Hollande

Hollande has rallied his nation after Paris attacks

Obama’s discouraging tone will not encourage action against ISIS

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J. Peder Zane

Zane: As faux liberals betray freedom in our vibrant democracy

The racially charged unrest that has erupted on college campuses, most recently at the University of Missouri, and similar instances at other schools and communities across the country are both hopeful and disturbing

They reflect the flowering of freedom and powerful efforts to suppress it

Leftists see robust debate that questions their methods and aims as a threat, which is why every Marxist government has turned to thuggery and repression

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