A Memorial memory for any day

What’s the story over there, you wonder. The woman, by herself in the car, crying softly. A widow, or a daughter. And what’s the story here, on Memorial Day, in Raleigh’s historic Oakwood Cemetery, of the children attending the memorial for the veterans who gave their lives in service? Grandchildren, perhaps. Great-grandchildren, even.


Christians morally obligated to question trade pact

David McBriar: I am deeply concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Despite legitimate concerns about the TPP, Obama seeks fast-track authority, which would deny Congress, and by extension the American people, the opportunity to make amendments.


Americans increasingly coming out as ‘liberal’

Catherine Rampell: A new Gallup poll finds the shares of American adults considering themselves “socially liberal” and “socially conservative” each total 31 percent. Gallup has been tracking these categories since 1999, and the latest numbers simultaneously signify the highest share ever recorded for liberals and the lowest recorded for conservatives.


In the Mideast, the worst chaos ever

Thomas L. Friedman: US policy now should be “containment, plus amplification.” Let’s help those who manifest the will to contain ISIS, like Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the Kurds in Iraq, and amplify any constructive things leaders in Yemen, Iraq, Libya or Syria are ready to do with their power, but we must not substitute our power for theirs.

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Ned Barnett

Grounding the American dream

The Wright brothers and Harry Truman, both subject of books by David McCullough, exemplify an America of opportunity for the average person. That America is giving way to one dominated by the very rich while the middle class and working poor struggle to get ahead.

J. Peder Zane

The low-tax, needed-spending dance

J. Peder Zane: Republicans crow about the “Carolina Comeback.” They have accomplished much – cutting many taxes, paying off billions in debt, raising teacher pay and generating a budget surplus. Republicans, however, have been unable to revive the most important economic indicator: money in our wallets

Ned Barnett

N.C. forgoes a tax windfall

North Carolina cut taxes just as the wealthy were seeing big capital gains and corporations were increasing profits. As a result, the state is giving up millions in extra tax revenue.

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