NC teachers being ‘voluntarily exploited’

Gene Nichol: The level of commitment, professionalism and selfless dedication demonstrated daily by heroes like NaShonda Cooke, Angela Scioli, Brendan Fetters and the other teachers they represent can barely be comprehended. And they work for basic salaries that embarrass both them and North Carolina, in an education system dramatically stacked against the poor children to whom they have dedicated their lives.

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J. Peder Zane

TABOR is appealing, but ultimately undemocratic

The intent of TABOR is to limit taxes so that government cannot grow faster than population growth and inflation

It would impose today’s budget priorities on future generations, making it harder for the next Democratic-controlled legislature to reverse the GOP’s recent accomplishments with a single vote

But that is why TABOR is a bad idea – it hamstrings government, limiting its ability to respond to changing circumstances

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