Raleigh’s sidewalk skirmish simply a symptom

The Raleigh City Council was clearly slow to comprehend its misstep on the number of bars allowed. Now it continues to mishandle the problem by a treatment regimen composed of superficial solutions including the vigorous early morning cleanup of bottles, cans and vomit from our public sidewalk. Once again, we are not attacking the disease.


Sanders’ appeal among young voters? He woke up like this

Bernie Sanders is thoroughly trouncing Hillary Clinton among the under-30 set. To millennials, Sanders’ socialism is a feature, not a bug. Sanders’ au-naturel-ness endears him to his young fans: his unkempt hair, his ill-fitting suits, his unpolished Brooklyn accent, his propensity to yell and wave his hands maniacally.


Why NFL must address brain trauma or risk fading away

The NFL may go the route of boxing into limbo if it doesn’t address concussion issues

The still accumulating evidence of brain-damaged former players is a huge legal liability

The NFL should publicly admit that there is a real problem with the risk of player brain damage

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J. Peder Zane

Zane: How Republicans have righted North Carolina’s fiscal ship

GOP tax cuts did not drain North Carolina coffers – they helped replenish them

It’s the same as how the falsely derided Reagan tax cuts actually increased revenues and sparked a two-decade long rise in median incomes

These are the stubborn facts that belie the incessant propaganda of those who insistently pretend that supply-side economics is a fantasy

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