The top 3 myths about protein for women

What do you picture when you think of women who consume protein to build muscle? If you envision bodybuilders or associate the consumption of protein with getting "bulky," it's time to reevaluate what you think you know. We got the protein scoop from Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD, a dietician and protein expert, and there's a lot that might surprise you.


Mudding on pins and steel: One man's Warrior Dash

If you're still wondering why people push themselves through mud puddles and under barbed wire, over cargo net bridges and into freshly dug trenches, snake into pipelines and jump off cliffhangers, for miles, for fun and maybe for a warm beer at the finish line, then you need to understand Eric Heiser, 38, of West Bend, Wis.


Five total body resistance exercises every beginner should master

Finally mastered a full-body routine using free weights? Great, now it's time to try something new. Put down the dumbbells and pick up the resistance bands, TRX training is here to stay. Short for total body resistance exercise, the popular workout involves using gravity and bodyweight to challenge the core with the help of TRX straps.

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