14 simple ways to be healthier every day

It's probably safe to say we all wish we lived healthier lives, full of many 6 a.m. yoga classes and absolutely zero 10 p.m. ice cream sundaes. Alas, life. Still, bettering oneself is a noble pursuit. To inspire you to live healthier each day, we've rounded up 14 simple habits that make all the difference.


Five ways you're doing pushups wrong

The pushup reigns supreme as one of the best bodyweight exercises for upper body, core strength and total body coordination - but only if you do it right. Doing the popular move wrong could rob you of strength and potentially set you up for injury. So before you crank out another rep, make sure your pushups aren't falling victim to these all-too-common mistakes, courtesy of 24-Hour Fitness Manager Joshua Buchbinder, M.S., CPT:

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