Six moves your workout is missing

It would be impossible for your workout to include every muscle-toning, calorie-torching move you've heard/seen/read about in your life - at the very least, it would be an incredibly long workout. So we called up a few fitness experts and asked them to name one exercise women aren't doing enough of. While many protested that choosing just one essential exercise was extremely difficult, they all complied. The result? A list of six indispensable moves that we can almost guarantee you're not already doing (we certainly weren't). You don't have to ditch your existing gym routine; just sprinkle a couple into your existing workouts and see what happens.


Fitness at any age: Granny shows how to get it done

People have heard about her. Some have read about her in the newspaper. But this spring, I had the honor of hosting my maternal grandmother, Anna Brock Gipson, at Tadda's Fitness Center. Granny had flown to South Carolina to visit her baby sister and then came to Atlanta to spend some time with me.


Three ways to take your walking workout to the next level

More of a stroller than a sprinter? You're still getting a solid workout. Study after study confirms that being active throughout your day is an effective way to stay slim, and realage.com, which offers a test that assesses your "real" age in terms of how your body is aging, claims that taking at least 10,000 steps a day is the equivalent of subtracting 4.6 years from your chronological age for women and 4.1 for men.

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