Misfit Shine device not only measures health, but looks good, too

There's no shortage of activity monitors on the market, but most focus on function instead of fashion. If you're wearing something 24 hours a day, though, why not make it an attractive accessory? That's what the Misfit Shine device is all about. A monitor with a 3-axis accelerometer to measure sleep, steps, calories, distance and food intake, the Shine is made from anodized aluminum and can fit into several different compatible, interchangeable holders such as a wristband and even a necklace. It's also available in a range of attractive colors, from seaglass blue to champagne.


Adventures on New River Gorge

Hooking the carabiners of my harness to the zip line trolley, our guide told me to step off the platform and allow my weight to sink on the steel cable. After getting his OK, I grabbed the handles of the trolley, raised both feet and let myself go.


Partners, goals and more for energizing workouts

Spring has officially begun, and everywhere are reminders of renewal, of hope, of possibility: Tiny buds on seemingly lifeless branches. Sprinklers watering inches-high stalks. The tennis court you've avoided for weeks. The running shorts with price tags still attached. The gym card you can't find, but can't quite muster the oomph to look for.

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