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Here’s how every NC legislator voted on the HB2 repeal bill

NC Senate debates HB2 replacement bill

Senators Phil Berger (R) and Dan Blue (D) debate a compromise bill to replace the controversial HB2. Both the House and Senate passed the bill, sending it to Governor Roy Cooper Thursday, March 30, 2017.
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Senators Phil Berger (R) and Dan Blue (D) debate a compromise bill to replace the controversial HB2. Both the House and Senate passed the bill, sending it to Governor Roy Cooper Thursday, March 30, 2017.

The bill to repeal House Bill 2 and replace it with modified restrictions on local anti-discrimination protections passed the N.C. General Assembly Thursday.

After the bill passed the Senate by a vote of 32-16, the House voted 70-48 to send it on to Gov. Roy Cooper.

If you’re not sure who represents you, visit the N.C. General Assembly’s webpage at http://www.ncleg.net/representation/whorepresentsme.aspx and use the interactive maps, or enter your address, to find out.

Here’s how the votes in each chamber broke down:

N.C. Senate


Republicans: John Alexander, Tamara Barringer, Phil Berger, Danny Earl Britt, Harry Brown, David Curtis, Warren Daniel, Jim Davis, Cathy Dunn, Chuck Edwards, Rick Gunn, Brent Jackson, Joyce Krawiec, Michael Lee, Tom McInnis, Paul Newton, Louis Pate, Bill Rabon, Jeff Tarte, Jerry Tillman, Tommy Tucker, Trudy Wade, Andy Wells

Democrats: Dan Blue, Angela Bryant, Ben Clark, Joel Ford, Paul Lowe, Gladys Robinson, Erica Smith-Ingram, Terry Van Duyn, Joyce Waddell


Republicans: Dan Bishop, Andrew Brock, Bill Cook, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Rick Horner, Wesley Meredith, Ronald Rabin, Shirley Randleman, Norman Sanderson

Democrats: Jay Chaudhuri, Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, Jeff Jackson, Floyd McKissick, Mike Woodard

Sen. Floyd McKissick, a Durham Democrat, explains why he voted against the HB2 replacement bill.


Republicans: Deanna Ballard, Chad Barefoot

Democrats: None

N.C. House of Representatives


Republicans: Jay Adams, John Bell, John Blust, John Bradford, William Brawley, Justin Burr, Mike Clampitt, Kevin Corbin, Ted Davis, Jimmy Dixon, Nelson Dollar, Andy Dulin, John Faircloth, John Fraley, Holly Grange, John Hardister, Kelly Hastings, Craig Horn, Linda Johnson, Brenden Jones, Jonathan Jordan, Danny Lambeth, David Lewis, Chris Malone, Susan Martin, Chuck McGrady, Tim Moore, Gregory Murphy, Dennis Riddell, David Rogers, Stephen Ross, Jason Saine, John Sauls, Sarah Stevens, Scott Stone, John Szoka, Sam Watford, Linda Hunt Williams, Larry Yarborough, Lee Zachary

Democrats: Gayle Adcock, John Ager, Kelly Alexander, Cynthia Ball, Mary Belk, Larry Bell, Becky Carney, Carla Cunningham, Beverly Earle, Jean Farmer-Butterfield, Elmer Floyd, Terry Garrison, Rosa Gill, Ken Goodman, Charles Graham, George Graham, Duane Hall, Edward Hanes, Yvonne Holley, Howard Hunter, Darren Jackson, Joe John, Marvin Lucas, Henry M. Michaux, Garland Pierce, Bobby Richardson, William Richardson, Evelyn Terry, Shelly Willingham, Michael Wray


Republicans: Dean Arp, Hugh Blackwell, James Boles, Beverly Boswell, Mark Brody, Dana Bumgardner, George Cleveland, Jeff Collins, Deborah Conrad, Destin Hall, Josh Dobson, Jeffrey Elmore, Carl Ford, Kyle Hall, Cody Henson, Julia Howard, Pat Hurley, Bert Jones, Pat McElraft, Allen McNeill, Chris Millis, Larry Pittman, Larry Potts, Michelle Presnell, Mitchell Setzer, Phil Shepard, Michael Speciale, Bob Steinburg, Larry Strickland, John Torbett, Rena Turner, Harry Warren, Donna White

Democrats: John Autry, Chaz Beasley, MaryAnn Black, William Brisson, Cecil Brockman, Deb Butler, Susan Fisher, Pricey Harrison, Verla Insko, Philip Lehman, Grier Martin, Graig Meyer, Amos Quick, Robert Reives, Brian Turner


Republicans: Frank Iler

Democrats: Rodney Moore

Equality North Carolina, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the ACLU of North Carolina will hold a press conference outside of the North Carolina General Assembly Building.

North Carolina’s legislature passed a law that prevents transgender people from using government-run bathrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify. The law — House Bill 2 (HB2) — has incited a state-wide civil liberties battle. He

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