How can we keep our government working for us?

Nancy Pelosi speaks at women’s economic forum at UNC Charlotte Center City.

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, center, smiles as she poses for photographs with admirers following an economic forum discussing the challenges and opportunities for women in North Carolina on Thursday,
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Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, center, smiles as she poses for photographs with admirers following an economic forum discussing the challenges and opportunities for women in North Carolina on Thursday,

I had been told about my limp for several years before it became critical. People would comment that I was limping when I didn’t even notice that I was. Then pain set in and I thought it would go away. After a year of increasing pain, I went to the doctor who showed me x-rays. I needed a hip replacement. After surgery, the first joy was that I had comfortable balance on both legs without pain.

I have now begun to appreciate that balance is very important — a balanced diet, balanced physical exercises, balancing family life with friendships. Balance even extends to our government. Our forefathers gave us the Constitution, in which checks and balances between and within three branches of government are central to the document’s wisdom.

The framers of the Constitution knew that unfit and corrupt individuals can rise to positions of great power. Therefore, everyone’s views, voice, and vote were made important because balance is what keeps Ship USA from sinking. With a balanced Congress, we are a stronger and more stable democracy.

Ken Kastleman


Original intent

I found William Conner’s letter “Why an executive order clarifying the 14th Amendment isn’t out of the question,” Nov. 6, to be thought-provoking. He says that the 14th Amendment “was understood to refer to persons not owing allegiance to another country.”

I’m not sure why he would think it “was understood,” but I would like him to apply that the same logic to the 2nd Amendment. Yes, we have the right to keep and bear arms, but our forefathers were not talking about assault rifles. So if it could be reasonable to change the 14th Amendment, then it would be just as reasonable to change the 2nd Amendment, and it would be a good start towards having both parties work together to make this country as good as it should be.

Barbara Wright



Fix our country’s problems and honor the president who ever it is. Love America or leave it.

The House and Senate are supposed to work together to solve issues and do their job. Our founding fathers did not want career politicians, just people who would bring new ideas to the table, only be there a few years, and get things done. People forget about Presidents Kennedy’s famous saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

As a senior citizen, a Vietnam disabled combat vet, I have seen it all. These days, some people do not believe there are consequences for what they do. Obey the laws! As a country we have close to a million people in prisons. What a waste.

They say now we have tens of thousands of people going across our borders illegally. Where are these people going? Crime is up, bowling alleys closing, shooting ranges opening up. We will still make it as a country, but a more divided one as it stands now.

Robert Dixon

Wake Forest

Adopted home

The writer of the Nov. 9 letter, “Blue wave” laments the “blue Yankee wave” that followed him to North Carolina from New Jersey. He concludes that “North Carolina is no longer a great place to live.” As a fellow transplant, I do not share the sentiment and still very much enjoy my adopted home of North Carolina, even with all the political turmoil. I do feel obligated to remind the writer and anyone who feels the same that I-95 has northbound lanes as well.

Robert Rockett


Fighting for freedom

My father and his Army company landed in Normandy on June 12, 1944, to run gas trucks to support the men and tanks that landed six days before. These men were fighting for freedom from tyranny for the world.

Who is going to fight for America when our president kicks the press out of the White House and the press secretary supports him with lies? I’m afraid, very afraid.

Sandra Peyser


Term limits

Following President Trump’s brazen attack upon birthright citizenship guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, can we doubt that an equal attack upon the 22nd Amendment (limiting the president to two terms) is not far behind?

C. Tyler Burt


Spring Hill

The Spring Hill property once was part the Dorothea Dix property (“NCSU stirs up family of Colonial leader,” Oct. 24 ). Spring Hill along with almost 2,000 acres was given to N.C. State University by the General Assembly. It is not unreasonable to ask NCSU to return what’s left of the 130 acres to Dix Park.

It is the highest essential green space that should be left as historical site within Dix Park. N.C. State, please let Theophilus Hunter rest in peace and reunite Spring Hill and Dix Park.

Janis Ramquist


Palm oil

I have a 10-year-old granddaughter who cares deeply for tigers and all animals. She has an opinion with information she would like everyone to be aware of. Here is her letter:

Tigers have always been known in fairy tales and books and stuff, but what about in real life? Ever seen one? Well, if their homes keep getting torn down you won’t. There’s this thing called palm oil that’s being put in our food, makeup, lotion, even nail polish! Palm oil is made by the palm nut trees found in jungles. We humans make the palm oil from the nuts, and it affects the jungle that we tore down. Yep that’s right, WE tore them down.

The good thing is, not all palm oil is bad. There’s this palm oil called sustainably sourced palm oil. It’s regular palm oil grown in a place where they have only torn down one jungle or forest or found an empty land space, and planted there. If you look at the ingredients in your food or body care supplies, you can see if it has palm oil in it. If it says sustainable palm oil, then it probably doesn’t come from jungles, or more than one jungle. You can also look up the brand of the product you want to buy, and see if that brand or item, uses, or has palm oil. It’s smart when you look before you buy, especially when it comes to living things!

Lynne Brennan

Siler City