Letters to the Editor

9/28 Letters: Participate in Raleigh’s future and vote

Like Mayor Nancy McFarlane, I am registered as an unaffiliated voter. Charlotte’s recent primary elections drew fewer than 8 percent of that city’s registered voters. How sad that people don’t engage in the local political process. The 10 percent of Raleigh’s registered voters who opted to participate in recent years wields great power. Those who choose not to vote should not complain. Those of us who vote at every available opportunity will shape our city’s future.

I have followed the actions of Raleigh’s mayor and city council very closely, especially lately. As an atypical unaffiliated voter, I vote in every election and have done so for 40 years. The statistics quoted in “Low voter turnout could swing close races for Raleigh” (Sept 21) indicate that more registered Democrats than Republicans and unaffiliated voters combined cast ballots in 2015. How shameful that the many allow the few to speak for them. Those who serve in local political offices have the power to affect the quality of life of all of the citizens of Raleigh. Wake up, Raleigh. Please vote. It’s the least that you can do.

Nancy K Jones


UNC BOG ‘backwards’

Regarding “Revamped UNC Board signals change coming” (Sept. 17): It only takes looking at the list of UNC Board of Governors members to understand the travesty being visited on North Carolina residents.

As a proud graduate of the UNC School of Medicine, I am sad and disgusted at the regressive policies promulgated by a stacked board of Republicans, businessmen (vast majority men), lawyers and lobbyists. Where are the educators and thought leaders (or even more than one Democrat in our purple state)? Our excellent University of the People is being dragged backward.

Barbara E. Johnston


Keep Iran deal

Regarding “What Iran will do if Trump nixes deal” (Sept. 17): If President Trump declares Iran not in compliance because of his or Congress’ perception of the “spirit of the deal,” he will destroy U.S. credibility worldwide. The North Koreans will be unwilling to enter into any negotiations on halting nuclear weapons and intercontinental missile developments.

The North Koreans have been watching our past actions. When Muammar Gaddafi gave up his nuclear weapon development program in exchange for being able to sell his oil to Europe, eventually he was killed. The North Korean leadership took note of this and decided to build nuclear weapons and a delivery system to protect their regime. The North Koreans will come to the conclusion that the United States may not honor an agreement in the future. In addition, pulling out of the agreement will cause a split between us and our allies in the European community, who support the Iran Deal. This would be the second major disagreement with Europe, after pulling out of the Paris Accord.

Kurt Becker