Letters to the Editor

8/16 Letters: NC GOP lawmakers’ focus on campus building projects is way off target

Listen to the poor

Regarding “Top NC Republican lawmakers go on campus to promote budget” (Aug. 13):

These top GOP lawmakers wanted to highlight the millions of dollars for campus construction and programs held up in the budget stalemate with Gov. Roy Cooper.

I am for supporting higher education in our state which benefits many, but Medicaid expansion would benefit low-income citizens, helping them to get medical coverage thus saving and improving their lives.

Hospitals and clinics in our state would also benefit from the financial support to keep them open.

Are these top GOP lawmakers visiting financially struggling hospitals and clinics? Are they listening to the plight of low-income citizens?

Frank Kloch, Durham

Can’t stomach GOP

Regarding “Why I’m joining GOP,” (Aug. 14 Forum):

While I applaud the good intentions of this letter writer, I believe he is doomed to failure.

The right wing voices — “lock her up” and “send her back” — appear to be in full control of the Republican Party.

There is little if any room left for anyone preaching a more moderate approach. Witness Sen. Thom Tillis’ abrupt reversal on the issue of the border crisis after he was told he would lose the support of a rural county.

In order to have an effective voice in the GOP, it appears you must show disdain for people of color, love guns and Jesus, overlook groping women and sleeping with porn stars, and accept lying as the new normal.

Sorry, but I will have to reject the letter writer’s invitation to join the GOP. My stomach just isn’t up to it.

David Johnston, Raleigh

Burr, Tillis must act

Regarding “McConnell, GOP Senate unlikely to act swiftly on guns” (Aug. 7) and related articles:

The Bipartisan Background Checks Act and the Enhanced Background Checks Act have been passed by the House and need to come up for a vote in the Senate.

Sen. Mitch McConnell has been preventing these bills from coming to the floor.

I call on my senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, to publicly call for a floor vote and pledge their support for these measures.

To do any less is to do nothing.

John Twomey, Raleigh

No to stadium plan

Regarding “Soccer stadium would boost Southeast Raleigh,” (Aug. 5 Opinion):

I would like to urge the city not to appropriate funds for a soccer stadium in Southeast Raleigh.

In general, sports stadiums are not suitable for residential and local business areas. In particular, not for this area, situated as it is on the lovely southwest approach to the city and near the city’s future Dix Park.

The area needs a North Hills-like development, minus a stadium. Call it Southern Hills. Then, we could have one of the jewels in Raleigh’s crown, but not in the blare and glare of a sports stadium.

Doing something like that in the southern part of the city would be very advantageous for the whole area.

Margaret Parrish, Raleigh

The NCAA cartel

Regarding “NCAA chooses money over academics” (Aug. 13 Editorial):

It is increasingly evident that the NCAA, the collegiate conferences, and Division I athletic departments are a monopolistic trust, a profiteering cartel whose business enterprises diametrically contravene the academic mission of member institutions.

Contrary to the myth of “private funding” for the revenue sports arms race, taxpayers and regular students wind up underwriting this mess.

What college or university is chartered to provide athletic spectacle for a mass audience? None that I can think of.

It is past time for the NCAA to be regulated like any other event promoter.

Randall Rickman, Raleigh

Molok bins do work

Regarding “Raleigh’s garbage collection experiment put on hold” (Aug. 14):

I agree that it is inappropriate to place community garbage bins in front of a bank, but odor and vermin has not been at all typical of this Molok bin system.

I recently returned from Aarhus, Denmark, population 400,000, where they use this system. There are three bins on almost every corner in the more residential parts of the city. They are always clean and odorless.

Hamburg, Germany is also using this method.

The underground method is a vast improvement over having garbage cans out on the curb of every street in Raleigh, blocking the sidewalks, smelly, and just looking crummy.

Involving the users in the placement should improve support of this new program.

I am so very pleased to see a move forward in dealing with our refuse in a clean, organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing way.

Regan Mensch Brown., Cary