Letters to the Editor

11/8 Letters: To improve reading scores, Berger should first focus on getting NC kids out of poverty

Read to Achieve

Regarding Senate Leader Phil Berger’s Read to Achieve program underperforming, perhaps if the N.C. legislature had at the same time expanded Medicaid and increased the minimum wage the reading results would have been better.

A quarter of the children in North Carolina live in poverty. He can pour all the money he wants to into a reading program, but if children are sick, homeless, and/or hungry, they do not do well in school.

MaryJane Selgrade, Raleigh

NC pipeline

Regarding “North Carolina approved one pipeline. Why is it now questioning another?” (Nov. 6 Editorial):

Many countries, states and counties are now banning fracking.

Those who’ve banned fracking are recognizing they cannot justify the expense or the environmental damage from methane leaks, earthquakes, and contamination of water supplies.

The list of countries now includes Australia, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Scotland, Wales, and most recently Ireland. States that have banned fracking are California, Maryland and New York. Counties in Colorado and Texas have banned fracking, as well.

If the banning of fracking continues, pipelines will become a completely unjustified expense and Duke Energy’s plan to build natural gas plants an unmitigated disaster for rate-payers — and elected officials who support these pipelines will have a lot of explaining to do.

William Delamar, Durham

Working families Act

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson’s letter regarding health insurance for the working poor was right on target. We need to take action now, and there is a bipartisan plan — the Health Care for Working Families Act — sitting in our legislature waiting for a vote.

While the legislature fails to act, over 400,000 North Carolinians continue to lack access to affordable health insurance. These are hardworking people. They are our farmers, fisherman, and volunteer firefighters. They are small business owners, childcare providers, service workers, and small church pastors.

For them, preventative care isn’t an option. Those with chronic issues like heart disease and diabetes lack access to treatment and medication.

Almost 50 organizations across our state have come together to form the Care4Carolina Coalition because they know something needs to be done to help our neighbors. It’s time for our state leadership to understand that too.

Erica Palmer Smith

Director, Care4Carolina

NC troops in Syria

What in the world is President Trump doing sending N.C., S.C. and other National Guard troops to Syria to protect private oil and gas fields?

He turned the Turks loose on the Kurds, who had that part of Syria under control, and now replaces the Kurds, our allies, with National Guard soldiers. Trump should bring our National Guard troops home where they belong, and think before he makes this kind of commitment of American lives again.

Mike Pedneau, Raleigh


Regarding “Desparate Dems,” (Nov. 6 Forum):

I totally agree with the writer that “we live in strange times” — when a president thinks it’s OK to seek a foreign government’s assistance in finding dirt on his political opponent, which violates our Constitution.

The Dems don’t have to be “desperate,” as Trump is doing a very good job of incriminating himself, which will eventually lead to his impeachment by the House.

Trump will finally be held accountable for his corrupt, above-the-law behavior and mentality despite the lies his handlers use in his defense.

Don Haines, Fuquay-Varina

College athletes

There are several problems with the current college sports scene, not the least of which is that many of the football and basketball players aren’t qualified to be there. Exceptions are made for them because they can play ball.

End the athletic exceptions policy. The NFL and NBA are super rich. Let them build and fund developmental leagues for young men who show athletic skill. Make college once again the institution it was meant to be, the home of higher education.

Robert Peele, Rocky Mount

Angie’s Restaurant

Regarding “Restaurant apologizes after a customer in blackface caused a Halloween contest uproar,” (Nov. 6):

Let me say I’ve known Angie Mikus for approximately eight years. There is no one on this earth who is kinder and more giving than Angie. I have volunteered at her restaurant for community benefits numerous times. I have seen her feed countless homeless persons of any race. If you think Angie has a racist bone in her body, you are sadly mistaken.

Nathaniel Lambeth Sr., Youngsville