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The avant-garde furniture world of vanCollier

Beth and Chris Collier of Washington, NC are visionaries with the same refined grace they bring to design. Together they have created an avant-garde furniture company in the unlikeliest of places, turned a haunted old hospital into an elegant home, and done it all while raising two boys and remaining happily wed.

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Blesseys look back on saving home after Katrina

The home of Walter and Katherine Blessey, like those of many Biloxians and Mississippi Coastians in general, is a survivor. With origins just over a century old, it's not the oldest or the largest home on the Coast. But it has its own special story, and by golly, it wasn't going to let the most destructive storm in modern American history beat it down.

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12 rookie decorating moves you might be making

I was raised by an interior designer and even I have been guilty of making rookie decorating moves. In fact, just last year - mind you, I have been writing about design for eight years - I made one of the most rookie moves: I hung my kitchen pendant so low that I bump my head on it. And no I have not gotten around to fixing it. So let me just put this out there: it's okay to be a beginner or to be oblivious to what decorators consider "the basics." You live and you learn. That's what you're here for, right? Today I'm giving you the CliffsNotes on Decorating 101. Follow these and you'll have the framework for a truly beautiful space - and nothing to be too ashamed of when your most discerning friend comes over.

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