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Home Fix: How to regrade a yard

Q: My home has a crawl space that continues to flood with every rain. Water pools in my driveway and in several areas of my yard. I had a contractor tell me the home is too low in the ground and suggested I regrade the yard. Over the years my neighbors have added soils and raised their driveways to keep water out of their crawl spaces. Do you have any suggestions?

Home & Garden

Plumber: Looking for a creative kitchen addition

Q: Dear Ed, I plan on replacing my kitchen countertops and sink. Since it will not be a full kitchen remodel, I can spend a little extra money on fancy materials. I have heard of "artist edition" kitchen sinks and would like more information on that topic. Can you please tell me your views on artist edition-style kitchen sinks?

Home & Garden

Planting souvenir seeds

I got into heirloom plants because of the wide variety of yummy tomatoes available, and now I'm hooked - and not just on tomatoes. Heirloom plants and seeds used to be hard to find, but now the catalogs are awash with options, and many local garden centers and farmers market growers are offering a wider variety. (I think it probably counts as ironic that so many heirloom seedlings are marked NEW in catalogs, just like the latest, greatest hybrids.)

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