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Home Fix: How to get rid of termites

Q: My home has been inspected every year for termites and pests for the past 10 years and now they tell me it needs to be treated. The seller told me the home was treated years ago with chlorine and that I would never have a problem. What is going on here?

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Style at Home: 6 tips for a stunning spring table

When Dan and I entertain, we each have our assigned roles: He spends hours in the kitchen crafting our cuisine. And I'm out in the dining room, dreaming up an intriguing tablescape. Armed with dishes, table linens and seasonal accents, I play around until lightning strikes and I find a look that lights up my heart.

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Plumber: Hung up on wall-hung toilets

Q: Dear Ed: In our home we still have two original wall-hung toilets from the 1960s. I want to replace them with more efficient toilets to save water. How involved is this job, and where do you even find wall-hung toilets? Also, the toilets seem very low to the floor, would it be very expensive to raise them when we replace them?

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