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Design Recipes: How to define your personal style

Defining personal style for some can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Creating a personal style can also be an evolution. As an ASID interior designer, I am so often faced with clients who don't know where to start. I often ask them to help me determine their design style by asking them to literally rip images from a magazine and use them as inspirational images. It is often a great start, but since often clients don't know how to define their own design style, here are three basic tips to help get started.

Home & Garden

Yardsmart: Take these 4 steps to prevent garden insect infestations

Insect infestations thoroughly creep me out. I'm sure a lot of moms out there feel the same way after kiddo brings head lice home from school. I can handle a few grasshoppers and other bugs in my vegetable garden, but when a single species develops into large populations, my skin crawls. Once bugs reach infestation levels on your vegetables they not only defoliate your plants and spread diseases, they can kill the crop when numbers get high enough. This is the organic farmer's worst-case scenario because it's nearly impossible to knock down an infestation without pesticides.

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