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Design Recipes: How to modernize '80s decor

Remember when black and mauve was the hot color combination and when mirrors were all the rage? Well, in case you are too young to remember, those were some of the staples of '80s home decor. The '80s were indeed the decade of opulence, marble, gold and mirrors. These days, however, the trend is toward minimalism and more subtle design. Even so, it may not be unusual for a homeowner to be stuck in time and looking for ways to refresh a home that has not been updated since its '80s glory.

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Yardsmart: Plant all-American agave for a fine succulent accent

They came north out of Mexico into the desert southwest with the Spanish, though nobody knows their actual point of origin. It's because so many pre-Columbian cultures, including the Aztecs, utilized the great blue agave, so it had been spread all over Mesoamerica in this early cultivation. A plant so useful was highly valued as a source of fiber, living fencing, food and of course, the ancient fermented beverage called "pulque."

Home & Garden

Hobbies: 3-D dioramas an inexpensive, fun project for summer photos

Summer at last! I don't know if it's the longer hours of daylight or more time spent with family, but I seem to double the number of photos I take. While we are used to passing our phones and tablets back and forth and "liking" our Instagram photos, there is nothing quite like an actual display made (inexpensively) from paper and printed photographs.

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