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Living Smart: 5 tips to avoid home-design arguments

Sharing your life with someone is a beautiful thing, but that doesn't always mean you share the same design and style preferences when it comes to your home. Whether you've lived together for one year or 20, use this advice from highly rated interior designers to stop the fights that have kept you from painting the walls or tiling the floors.

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On Gardening: Holly makes a jolly-good screen for noise, traffic

If you are thinking about creating a privacy screen between you and your unruly neighbors or perhaps wanting to quiet traffic from a busy street, look no further than one of our fine evergreen hollies. Your first inclination is probably a fence, and while that would certainly work it does present a host of issues including maintenance, harsh lines in the landscape and a real struggle if you need a screen 12 feet-plus in height.

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Studioilse and Ikea make for a natural pairing

London-based designer Ilse Crawford, founder of Studioilse, makes furniture and environments that are stylishly low key: breezy, minimalist, prioritizing functionality over spectacle. Perhaps due in part to family roots in Denmark, Crawford developed a modern, "human-centered" design sensibility more typical of Scandinavia than Great Britain. Suffice it to say, her forthcoming collaboration with Swedish furniture behemoth Ikea makes a lot of sense.

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