Are We Safe? Read the stories from our project on what keeps North Carolinians up at night.

Throughout this year, journalists at The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun will examine the concept of safety and security in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina by looking beyond the traditional lens of crime. We’re inviting you to be part of this project called “Are We Safe?”

What keeps you up at night? We’re listening, and we’ll use your comments and input to report on real risks, hold leaders and politicians accountable — and explore how we can become our own best watchdogs.

Here’s a collection of our stories to date. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us what you’d like us to investigate.

‘Are We Safe?’: Discarded needles in Durham parks raise local man’s concern

Chapel Hill will end right turns at these red lights in November

Bat removed from Raleigh home had rabies. Here’s how to protect yourself and pets.

Are there any “safe” fireworks? This burn expert says no - and so does a woman who was burned by them.

Are we safe from food poisioning? Maybe, after this discovery by UNC researchers

Ticks, sharks, snakes, fire and rip currents: Are you safe from summer hazards?

Call before you dig? Despite thousands of 811 violations, NC board investigates few cases

Are you safe this summer? Come to our forum on summer hazards

NC coast has seen several drownings already. Experts say no single cause explains why.

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