App review: YouNow makes live broadcasting effortless, unpredictable for teens

Parents need to know thatYouNowis a live video-streaming and chat app. Both the user agreement and app stores specify that users must be 13 and older. Teens register using an existing social media account (Facebook,Twitter, orGoogle+), though they can view broadcastswithout registering. Privacyis definitely an issue, but kids can change their usernamesto something more anonymous than their Facebook or Google+ identities.YouNow clearly forbids nudity, sexual content, and bullying in itscommunity guidelines, but there's no promise of oversight. Profanity is prevalent. Users can report violators as well as block specific viewers,but live streaming is totally unpredictable - there's noway to ensure teens won't encounter objectionable live content. By posting, a user is consenting toYouNowusing their videos however they wish, though the user retains ownership.


Book review: 'Chu's Day at the Beach' offers charming reassurances to preschoolers

Parents need to know that"Chu's Day at the Beach"is a continuation of theNeil Gaimanseries that includes"Chu's Day"and"Chu's First Day of School." Here, Chu the panda unleashes a big sneeze that causes some mayhem at the beach. His anxiety about this outsize trait is quickly remedied when he's given some help to fix things, a perfect corollary for preschoolers who know what it's like to feel embarrassed or different.


Game review: 'Xenoblade Chronicles 3D' a brilliant, beautiful role-playing game for New Nintendo 3DS

Parents need to know that"Xenoblade Chronicles 3D"is a Nintendo 3DS re-release of a Nintendo Wii game originally released in 2012 and can only be played on the New Nintendo 3DS platform. The content is nearly identical to the older console game. Players engage in frequent sword and gun battles against monsters and machines. There's no gore and only minimal blood, but some story sequences depict humans being eaten or crushed by large metal creatures. Characters of both genders are depicted wearing skimpy outfits, and in one case a man's buttocks arealmost completely exposed. Infrequent profanity includes the word "damn," and one side quest includes what appears to be a drunken man.


Child Sense: Healthy family eating

As the weather warms we realize summer is on its way and, as many of us do, we start to think about fitting into our beach and summer wear. Winter often has us put on a few extra pounds as our eating habits focus around hearty winter foods. Children too often worry about summer camp and their weight so now is a great time to adjust the family's eating choices and move towards the healthier spring vegetables and fruits. Approaching this change via your child's dominant sense will help them to join your new eating style with enthusiasm as well as allow you to be delicate with their feelings and self esteem.

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