Same bit, different day

You know what I noticed the other week? While we were away on spring break, I realized that I say the exact same things on vacation that I do at home. I thought vacation was about ditching routine and structure - you know, mixing it up. But the day is exactly the same - with a few minor changes ...


Depression among new parents is not limited to those who go the childbirth route

Adopting a child is supposed to be a joyous event, but for some mothers it is far from a Hallmark moment. The adoptive moms feel powerless, worthless and hopeless, they can't sleep or eat, or they sleep or eat too much and they withdraw from the world. They are suffering from Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome (PADS), which results when the idealized expectations of motherhood fall short of the reality. It differs from postpartum depression caused partially by the changes in a woman's body after childbirth.


Child Sense: Bonding through spring cleaning

As the winter ends and spring arrives, we open our windows and doors to allow the fresh air to enliven our homes. This is also the time when many of us decide to organize and clean our homes. Take the opportunity spring cleaning allows spending time getting to know your child's interests, both new and old, as well as how they function on a sensory level. Often it is through doing tasks together that we get to know each other better and organizing and cleaning with your child will help you to see their dominate sense at work.


The free-range kids debate in an urban environment

BALTIMORE - Fifth-grader Aiden Coldsmith has memorized the streets around his family's home in the Waverly neighborhood. He knows every mud puddle, the homes of dogs both friendly and fierce, a park where a group of middle school girls hang out. The 11-year-old walks alone the few blocks to an art program or hardware store with "really good candy."

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