Ask Mr. Dad: Enjoy the water and safety this summer

Dear Mr. Dad: My 4-year old twins are crazy about swimming or floating or doing pretty much anything in and around water. On one hand, I'm thrilled. I swam in high-school and college, and I'm looking forward to having them follow in my footsteps. On the other, I'm scared. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and there is no way I can keep an eye on them every second. How do we make our house water safe?


Ex-etiquette: Dad upset to find ex, son in his house after school

Q. I came home from work early yesterday and found my ex and our 10-year-old son in my house. They were sitting in his room talking, but I think it was wrong that she was there. We have not been together for two years, and our son spends a week with me and a week with her. She does not have a key, it's not even a house we have lived in together, but there she was comfortably lying on our son's bed talking about his day. How do I handle this? What's good ex-etiquette?

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