Ana Veciana-Suarez: Cannes do: Our love-hate relationship with killer heels

When it comes to shoes, I must confess that my wardrobe choices are rather uninspired. Alas, I veer not from the boring and humdrum. I own bland brown and black shoes, a tan pair and a white, as well as sensible sandals. I've yet to add a pair of red shoes to my closet, though it's been on my list of resolutions every new year. I think a spiffy scarlet or a rousing ruby would make anything I wear pop.


Ex-etiquette: Son doesn't want to see ex; what should I do?

Q. My ex and I have been divorced for 10 years, and we share equal custody of our three sons. Our oldest son, 15, and his father recently had a fight, and my son refuses to speak to him and no longer wants to go back and forth between homes. His father has called me and told me to make our son talk to him. His father is a jerk, and I understand why our son won't talk to him. What is my responsibility in this? What's good ex-etiquette?


Ask Mr. Dad: Time to volunteer and take the kids

Dear Mr. Dad: I have to admit that my wife and I have been a bit self-centered in our adult lives, focusing on our work, earning money and supporting the family. We've done quite well financially, and we've both decided that we should start giving something back to our community. We want to get our kids involved, too, but they're pretty young - only 5 and 7. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. Are the kids too young? And what's the best way to get going?


Lori Borgman: A brief history of selfies and narcissticks

There was once a time when we took pictures of other people, but now we mainly take pictures of ourselves. Sometimes we take pictures of ourselves with other people, but usually (hopefully!) with us in the center doing something more clever than the other people - things like crossing our eyes, flaring our nostrils or sticking out our tongues - so that the other people are not much noticed. They're called selfies for a reason.

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