Lean In: Ellenore Angelidis, EU legal director

I was raised by Dutch immigrant parents who survived harrowing WWII experiences. They helped weave a healthy work ethic and the need to persevere through obstacles into the fabric of my upbringing. In the years that followed, I was further tested; some of the biggest challenges came in the form of cancer followed by a job elimination in my late thirties.


Family Meals Matter: Healthy hearts, happy stomachs

February is American Heart Month! Take care of those you love by planning and preparing balanced meals that follow the DASH eating pattern. Proven to reduce high blood pressure without medication, a DASH eating pattern emphasizes a variety of low-fat dairy foods, vegetables and fruits, with reduced sodium and saturated fats. The great news is this eating pattern is rich in flavor for happy stomachs as well as healthy hearts. For more about DASH, visit


Game review: 'The Witness,' challenging and rewarding puzzle video game

Parents need to know that "The Witness" is a downloadable first-person exploration game set on an island full of hundreds of maze puzzles. There's no violence, sexuality, language, or mature themes of any kind, though a few lines of text reference alcohol in terms of metaphor. Themes within the largely abstract narrative include perspective - in both the physical and figurative senses - and perception, challenging players to consider how they think, how they learn, and how they know what they know. These themes encourage players to be both analytical and critical of the world around them. Parents should also note that this is an extremely difficult game with no instructions, and that it could prove frustrating to less patient temperaments. Players are intended to work out everything, from the first puzzle to the last, on their own without a single hint or even a word of explanation.


App review: Exploding Kittens app is a potentially great but flawed version of the popular card game

Parents need to know that Exploding Kittens is an app based on the popular card game. Players lay down successive cards in an attempt to avoid drawing one that features, well, an exploding kitten. The game plays all of this for laughs, with silly sound effects and goofy animations. Despite the name, it's not an especially violent title and does not feature any sexual references or foul language; it's important to note that the goal of the game involves trying to get someone else to get the exploding kitten card, so younger players who aren't as ready for this kind of competition may have hard feelings when people deliberately take their cards, etc. There are also in-app purchase opportunities that will be very enticing, and there's no privacy policy at the time of writing, which will be even more critical when it adds online play.


Sounds for seniors

SEATTLE - Most people know Louie Richmond as the quick-witted public-relations man behind a number of Seattle-area hotels and restaurants.


Parents offer advice on avoiding scalding accidents

MIAMI - As 3-year-old Vincent Zou's parents were preparing a Chinese hot pot dish in their Miramar, Fla., home, his father put a pot of boiling water on the kitchen island. Little Vincent was playing nearby and accidentally tipped the pot, bringing hot water cascading onto his chin, neck and chest.

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