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Proposed transportation budget counts on higher gas tax receipts

Gas tax collections in North Carolina are expected to fall by several hundred million dollars over the next two years, under a statutory formula that pegs the tax rate to plunging oil prices. But in his transportation budget NC Gov. Pat McCrory avoids drastic cuts in state spending for road construction and bridge repairs. McCrory assumes the legislature will set the gas tax at 35 cents a gallon.

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A divided NC House OKs 36-cent gas tax

The House gave tentative approval Wednesday, in a 70-47 vote, to a bill that would drop the state gas tax to 36 cents a gallon starting April 1 and continuing through December. The new rate would be a 1.5-cent tax cut initially, since the current tax is 37.5 cents. But the bill would prevent motorists from enjoying a much bigger tax cut for the last six months of the year.


Bill would define new kind of vehicle

The NC House Transportation Committee will consider a bill that would add “autocycle” to the state’s motor vehicle lexicon. It would provide separate regulations for a vehicle that combines automobile and motorcycle qualities. The legislation describes a three-wheeled vehicle that is not available for sale, yet.

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